We have a lifelong love for good food. Many of our trips around the world are to local food markets, where the best day is when we learn a new ingredient or try a dish that is new to us. Formal dining with fancy gastronomy can be exciting to try now and then, but the best food is nourishing as well as rich in sensation. Portugal has a long tradition for great tasting food, but since we also eat with our eyes, the food that we serve also looks delicious.

At Colheita Fresca we give you a chance to enjoy Fresh Ingredients from the Local Market. We go to the market early in the morning and serve you a casual delightful breakfast and lunch (we're open until late). We try to make it quick and easy. Whether you have 15 minutes or 45 minutes for your meal, we're ready to serve you.

The menu is based on the Great Portuguese Kitchen with an added International Flair.

We soon hope to offer Overnight delivery to Europe fresh from the Market. In many of the places we have lived you just cannot get the same quality. We would love to be able to give our family and friends a great food basket, so we hope you would too. If this sounds interesting, please tell us what we should put in the box. My Dream Box from the market, would be...

Henrik & Katty - Founders